Ubuntu on the Pi 2

When they released the Raspberry Pi 2, and announcement was made that for the 1st time Ubuntu would run on the board! This was to be Snappy Ubuntu Core, a lightweight, command-line version of the operating system aimed at developers. But no soon after a fuller version of the OS was to be released 🙂

Wintrmute over on the Raspberry Pi Forums has made a Ubuntu 14.10 / Linaro 15.01 image available with the LXDE Desktop pre-installed, at the time of writing the latest version was available from;

A project I have been working on for a couple of months now is much better suited to the Raspberry Pi 2, as I was struggling with resources on the Pi B So I decided new hardware why not new distro as well? (there where other reasons but I’ll cover them off if and when this solves the problem I was having)

So lets get it up and running and see what happens, get yourself along to one of the above links and obtain the .img file. The image is just over 3Gb so all though you should be able to cope with a 4Gb MicroSD card it’s going to be a little tight for adding much else afterwards, so I went for an 8Gb SanDisk Ultra and the performance was very impressive!

Using Win32 Disk Imager I burnt the image to the MicroSD (note to write about how to do this at some point, but in the mean time there are already a load of guides out there on how to do it)

So with that complete, I slipped the MicroSD back into the Pi 2 and powered it up, and was greeted by the LXDE desktop the default user is linaro and the password is linaro

On poking around a little (ok quite a lot now) it seams to be (is a lot more) more responsive than the latest Raspbian release, but I would expect that as the Ubuntu OS has been complied to utilize the ARMv7 architecture in the Pi 2.

Anyway enjoy


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