The power of meetings

I’m sitting today waiting for a meeting, quietly watching others in exactly the same situation as me, and as I look around the 10-15 people sat there all of them are on a smart device of some type….

Leading me to the question (and it was aired in the meeting) what did we do before the mobile working revolution took off?

I remember not having the ability to get email on my phone and vaguely not having have phone at all. I remember going to meetings and catching up with people instead of going to the meeting and just covering off the agenda.

I raised this with a friend of mine, who claims that the digital age has made us more sociable not less, as it allows us to keep in contact with people miles away with the touch of a few buttons on a device in our pocket. Whilst I agree with this (I text him whilst sat there and arranged to go for a beer that night, to have the conversation about this subject) I’m also starting to feel that to a certain degree it’s starting to make us less sociable to the people we don’t already have that level of a relationship with.

I go to meetings these days, meet people, we discuss the meeting nothing more nothing less and then we move on with our lives. I couldn’t tell you how many kids each of the people in the meeting has, or even if they have a partner. When in days gone past time was killed with idle chit chat about just these things, holidays, the weather etc…

So are we more or less sociable?


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