Restoring Macbook Air

After deciding it was time for a bit of a clear out of the old tech, I decided to have an eBay session. One of the items on the list was my old MacAir. I couldn’t find the original USB key with the software installer on it anywhere, so thinking smart I dug out the box for my new one thinking that I could just use the one that came with it. Wrong they don’t ship with them any more!

So time to sit and work out how to make a bootable version of Mountain Lion on a USB key so that I can re-install my old Mac ready for sale and also just incase I have problems with the new one.

So to start with get yourself along to the Mac App Store (I used my iMac for this) and download Mountain Lion (I tested it on Lion as well)

Once it has downloaded, if you look in your Applications folder you should see “Install OS X Mountain Lion” right click on this and select “Show Package Contents” from the drop down menu

Browse to Contents/SharedSupport/ and copy the file “InstallESD.dmg” over to your desktop, once the copy has completed double click on it to mount it.

Open “Disk Utility” from Applications/Utilities/ and then insert a USB key into your machine (be warned you are going to erase this USB device)

From within “Disk Utility” select the volume within “InstallESD.dmg” and then click on “Restore” Make sure that “Mac OS X Install ESD” is set as the source

Drag the USB volume in to the “Destination” area of the screen and then click “Restore” click “Erase” and go get yourself a cuppa

Once the process has finished your ready to go! Eject the disk on the Mac you have created it from and move it over to the one you want to restore

Reboot the Mac you want to work on and as it boots up hold down the “Option” key and you will be presented with a boot device screen, choose the USB key and let it do it’s magic :0)


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