Pi Remote Access

Well if like me you are sitting there thinking what can I do with my Pi, and coming up with a massive list of cool things to have a go at but then saying, but I need to plug it in, and then I’m not going to have the monitor on x whilst I use it etc….

Then look no further, after a bit of mooching round the interweb there are answers out there so lets give one of them a go!

What your going to need;-

  1. Raspberry Pi running the latest version of Wheezy Raspbian, connected to your LAN with an internet connection
  2. A Windows machine with the RDP client

So start up your Pi with a screen connected to it so you can find out it’s IP Address, the other alternative is to look at your DHCP server, mine does list device names and my Pi is listed as raspberrypi

From the command line of your Pi (you can do this via an SSH session if you like) type the following commands

  • sudo apt-get install xrdp
  • You may be prompted for your password at this point
  • Type Y to confirm that you wish to install the package
  • Once the installation is complete the xrdp server will start

That’s it you have finished on your Pi move to your Windows machine and do the following;-

  • Find your RDP client normally Start/All Programmes/Accessories/Remote Desktop Connection
  • Enter the IP Address of your Pi as found above and click the “Connect” button if you get a message warning you about identity click “Yes” to connect
  • You will then be presented with an xrdp login box, use your Pi credentials to login default is pi and raspberry

After a couple of moments you will have your Pi desktop in front of you!


Its as simple as that, sorry there is only 1 screen shot, I might if I get time come back and edit the post to include them at a later date, but I’ve got tinkering to do :0)


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