Old Blog New Home

Whilst sitting around at the weekend not doing a great deal, I decide that it was time to revamp the old blog. So here it is in it’s new home 🙂

There are a couple of other internet based things I wanted to have a look into so decided that a new domain name was required, primarily to host the new home of the blog but also to provide a common name for some of my other ideas.

Why uncle-muddy.me.uk? simply I have been know as Uncle Muddy for a few years now after my antics in the off-roading world, it’s the name I use for many of my on-line presences and refers to me personally rather than a venture I’m involved in.

Transferring to a new home also gives me an opportunity to tidy things up a little, I may even backdate the posts to keep a bit of the history alive so to speak.

So welcome along, I hope you find enlightenment within these few pages at the corner of the internet


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