Office progress

I know it’s been a few weeks since I have posted about the progress on the office, but with the weather here in the UK, Christmas and other things progress has been a little slower than expected.

The number of photos getting taken as work was carried out reduced but here are a few to give you an idea of how we are getting on

Hand a bit of a tidy up to make moving around a little easier


The wall made its way up a few more blocks in height


We even slapped a window frame in to make sure it fitted



The problem we were trying to resolve in the first place, the missing lintel



The the roof starts to go on, massive thanks to Danny Boy and the effort he put in to this


Then that what is, kinda done…. roof on window in!





That’s about all there is to see at the moment, I’m a little lost in the size of the project now and need to spend a little time taking stock of how far we are got and the next steps needed…. but as a technologist I have turned my mind to the technology I want to install as part of the wider project to give my brain a little rest…

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