Simple to Use

Simple to Use

featherPay was designed with one thing in mind, making crypto payments as simple as possible!

On a number of occasions at feathercoin meet up events I watched the bar staff struggle with a bulky old laptop as they tried to take payment for a beer or some food in feathercoin, and said to myself there must be a simpler way of doing this.

Sure you could get an Android phone and install the feathercoin mobile wallet on it, connect it to the internet and away you go but you need both an Android phone and it needs to turn up every day to work or no crypto payments can be accepted, also how do I stop employees forwarding those coins onto themselves when I'm not looking?

So with all of this in mind I started to develop featherPay and its 4 step process

1. Obtain the current value of feathercoin
2. Tell the device the transaction value
3. Present a payment QRCode for the customer to scan
4. Display confirms for the transaction

Step 1

The payment terminal constantly displays a simple start screen advertising the fact that feathercoin is accepted by the merchant

Step 2

When the merchant taps the screen, the terminal moves onto the second screen displaying the current value of 1 FTC in the local currency and displays a text box for the transaction value to be entered via the keypad in the local FIAT currency

Step 3

Tapping the “Process” button moves the terminal on to the 3rd screen creating a unique wallet address and a corresponding QR Code for the transaction ready to be scanned by the customer using the wallet application on their mobile phone. Also displayed is the total number of FTC required for the current transaction. Tapping “Cancel” causes the terminal to terminate the transaction and return to “feathercoin ACCEPTED HERE” screen

Step 4

Once the QR Code has been scanned, tapping the “Confirm” button displays the final screen in the sequence which allows the merchant to check on the confirmed status of the transaction from the blockchain. Again tapping “Cancel” causes the terminal to terminate the transaction and return to “feathercoin ACCEPTED HERE” screen

The "confirms counter" will carry on checking confirms until the transaction has reached 6, enabling the merchant to confirm that the funds have been received

The “New Transaction” button simply stops the background confirm checking process and returns the terminal to the “feathercoin ACCEPTED HERE” screen, ready to start the process again for the next customer.

That really is it, how simple is that?