featherPay – The Casing Bottom

What is featherPay?

A simple and easy to use handheld payment terminal that merchants can use to take payments via feathercoin for any goods or services that they sell or deliver. More information can be found here

Several parts to the project, which as usual isn’t finished yet 🙂

  1. The Casing Top
  2. The Casing Bottom
  3. Circuits and connections

The Casing Bottom

I have a small 3D printer, which outputs a good enough quality print for a prototype and with a bit of finishing is perfectly acceptable as something you would have in your home. So it only stood to reason that when I came up with the idea of featherPay that I should print the case parts on said machine.

My weapon of choice as far as 3D modeling goes is SolidWorks, but there are plenty of other options out there, I find the SolidWorks can out but an .stl file that ReplicatorG handles quite well from a slicing and print output point of view . I have no formal training in the product so had to learn from the ground up and over time I have learnt to change the way I do things a little to make life a little easier in the long run.

The idea being to print the case in two parts a top and bottom as with most casings you see these days, extruded lip around the outer edge to allow things to line up properly, the casing bottom needs to house the following components, and have a few holes in it

  • Battery Pack
  • USB Port
  • Charging Port
  • SD Slot

No where near as complicated as the top half of the case at this time, especially seeing as at this time the battery pack has not been chosen. So its just the mounting bosses and the holes to allow for power, USB and SD Card

case_bottom_1  case_bottom_2   case_bottom_3


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