About Me

All ways a difficult one, who am I? what do I do?

Well if you read my job title I’m a Infrastructure Architect, if you read the opening paragraph to my CV it reads

“An experienced and disciplined ICT Professional, with a dedicated approach to work and committed to expanding skills to meet an ever changing and demanding market. Experience of delivering success in business critical, complex and changing environments across a variety of market sectors. Team player with excellent communication and influencing skills proven at all levels, with strong skills in the management and delivery of complex solutions, through focused leadership underpinned by clear strategy and detailed architecture.”

So now many of you are sitting there thinking ‘great another IT Project blog’ well I’m hoping not, don’t get me wrong there will be IT projects in here, but as you will soon find I’m willing to turn my hand to most things, some of which have no tech in them at all!

So back to about me…….

I’m a 30 something techie at heart, but also enjoy many other things. The list includes DIY, Kite Surfing, Kite Buggying, Off Roading, Buggying, etc etc.

Q. What do I intend to achieve by blogging?

A. No idea, lets see where it goes and hopefully it will get updated enough for you to feel the need to come back again :0)

Q. Why should I follow you?

A. Again no idea, but if you don’t you won’t know what your missing :0)


Life is what you make it, If I can assist you I will offer to do so, but if you can’t help yourself then I can’t help you!